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Education – The Best Arm Of A Youth

It’s undeniable that natural resources play an important role in the development drive of a nation, but it requires right application and capable technological knowhow in order to be utilized. And a society that has not armed itself with technology and knowledge, even if it is endowed with rich natural resources , it can not be expected to progress. It is a known fact that there are many nations who lack those resources, but have nonetheless advanced and some who got them all, but have remained backward and destitute. The Eritrean Government, which is firm in its belief that the most important resource of our nation is its human capacity, considering past experiences attained in our struggle as well as that of other nations, is working to empower citizens given the human factor. Considering this fact, our government has been investing on the educational sector so as to improve its current standards as well as accessible to everyone. The vision of such an investment has been to equip the Eritrean youth with knowledge that will allow them to lead their lives better in the future. For in today’s world, only the youth who is knowledgeable can perform and participate in the development drive.

Surely, an endeavor to develop human capacity of a given nation might take years. But nonetheless, the stage we have reached at the moment, even though it is at its primal, is a proud accomplishment. Many Eritrean cities now have institutes of higher learning, and the number of students graduating from these institutions has tremendously grown. Those institutes which are making a huge contribution to the nation building process by producing capable and committed human capital. Moreover, government organizations and line ministries, believing that education will have an impact on their staff are providing vocational on-job or job-specific training to their employees.
The provision of education is a basic right and a yardstick used to measure overall development.

Today, in the world we live in, because of high competition the provision of education has become commercialized. But the Government of Eritrea has allocated a huge percentage of its annual budget to the education sector and provides students with necessities such as housing, food, cloth and other things necessary free of cost. The government has therefore created broad opportunities for the youth because it is of the opinion that it only can achieve the vision through such means.

In the times we live in, dominating forces work tirelessly to quell their greed and have victimized many societies. The only way of economic emancipation hence becomes arming capable citizens with knowledge and technological capacity. On top of our endeavor to ensure economic emancipation, our work to produce capable youth armed with knowledge has now reached a commendable stage. And this is a deed that produces national pride.

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