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Patriotism: A Streak of the Eritrean Youth

The history of the struggle for political independence of the Eritrean masses is mainly a history of Eritrean youth. And the foundations of our nationalism are the norms and cherished values of our society. We became independent because the youth of that time, sacrificed everything they had for the benefit of our people. They put the interest of the collective before that of themselves. In such a young age, forfeiting personal gain and well-being and living for a common cause is a level of conscious self-actualization that could only be attained with a consciousness of the youth. Eritrea, thanks to the fact that it has a committed youth population that puts the well-being of it prior to that of theirs, a youth force that fully subscribes to the belief that personal well-being comes after putting the interests of the collective.

Not only our history has been a history of perseverance and struggle, but also a history of preserving those cherished values.  The efforts of the forces of colonization and their supporters to subdue our united identity became futile mainly because everyone did his part, and especially the youth. Nonetheless, those forces are still at it. They’re still attempting to subdue Eritrean youth through a series of campaigns and are still waging a failed psychological war upon the Eritrean youth.

But the consciousness of the Eritrean youth surpasses and transcends those futile campaigns. For the Eritrean youth are proud of their identity and heritages. The Eritrean youth are selfless and ready to sacrifice themselves for any calling, always willing to help the needy, and stands against the forces of injustice and works tirelessly for regional peace and stability. The Eritrean youth is therefore, a segment of our society that struggles to and accomplishes feats of resistance as well as development, and thereby is a conscious and nationalistic entity that strives to create a peaceful environment.

Another important factor about the Eritrean youth worth mentioning is the factor that the Eritrean youth always tend to support their country wherever they are. An example supporting this is that, the Eritrean youth living in the Diasporas, even those who were born and raised abroad have a profound love for their homeland. Eritreans living in the Diasporas could stand as ideal examples of unity for other African nationals living in the Diasporas. Seeing Eritreans preserve their identity and bond with fellow Eritreans while they are still living in homogenously mixed environments abroad is such a delight.

The culture of Eritreans residing in the nation as well as in the Diasporas is therefore a culture of strong commitment and love of the nation and motherland. All Eritreans are identified by a nationalistic streak. All sections and parts of society therefore should work to preserve the legacy of the spirit of nationalism. Glory be to the Eritrean youth, the pride and protectors of their nation and country.

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