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Together Once More

The Eri-Youth Festival, what every Eritrean longs for, has started today, 16 July 2010 at the usual place Sawa, the center gravity of the youth. Eritreans from all corners of the world have started to flow into their homeland so as to participate in  the event, in which they get the opportunity to learn a lot about  their cultures, norms, customs, traditions and  values of their place of origin.  Ever since the Eri-youth festival started, lots of youths from the Diaspora found the opportunity to come and visit their country and get to know what their people, their families are experiencing.

This festival is giving them opportunity to share their knowledge, exchange experiences and exposures.  In addition they will take part in fostering the national gathering. It is the occasion when reunion of youth both from inside and outside the country takes place. This festival is the perfect time to show what the Eritrean youth are able to perform. As usual this year’s Eri-youth festival has begun and will continue to 19th of this month. All the necessary preparations has been taken place to brightly celebrate the 4th Eritrean Youth Festival. It’s not only about entertainment.

The main goal of the festival is to bring the youth together and share their creativity, their educational and professional experiences. The last three festivals were well organized and remained unforgettable. The highest record of figures is expected to participate in this festival. This year’s festival is celebrated under the theme: “Youth:  Pivotal of the Future”. The Eri-Youth festival has foreseeable intentions that emphasize on the vision to construct a developed society according to Mr. Zeresenay Tesfay, chairman of the coordinating committee.

In such occasion, Eritreans, from all walks of life and part of the world, with different backgrounds shares experiences with common understanding. It’s estimated that about two thousand citizens from the Diaspora will take part in the festival.

Mr. Zerisenay Tesfay went on to say that Sawa has gained a great deal of respect from fellows around the world as a beacon of positive hope for the country.  Moreover, the Eritrean in Diaspora has a strong zeal in their country and this is the right time and occasion to cultivate their heart full desires. Various activities such as pavilions of construction companies, exhibitions, national, regional and international seminars, presentation of research papers, traditional and modern cultural shows, sport tournaments, educational activities and Sawa awards will be conducted during the festival. Moreover, musical artists from Diaspora will take part to add their flavors in the festival.
“Ever since I had participated in 2008, I am very delighted to be present in the Youth festival to get and know the diversities in the Eritrean ethnic group,” said Siem Brahane from Denmark. Those who participated in the last festivals looks forward to motivate others to take part in the national occasion.  Most of the participants came to know about the festival from their relatives and friends who took part in early youth festivals.

Mr. Araya Kahsay and his family came to Eritrea for their first time since they have left their homeland in 1980. “I’m speechless to express my feelings to be here in my country, after spending my almost entire life abroad,” said Mr. Araya. He added that he has plans to send his children to be trained in Sawa next year. Everybody agrees in one common thing and the Youth festival has a positive contribution in strengthening the national unity and integrity of the motherland.


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