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Conscious Youth: Resource Of The Nation’s Pride

It is to be recalled that two major Eritrean festivities were hosted in Sawa the past week, namely, the graduation ceremony of the 23rd round of national service as well as the 4th Eri-Youth festival.As it is commonly acknowledged fact that the greatest asset of any given nation is its manpower or human capital because this attribute has a say over the other assets of the nation, and particularly it’s the youth who are more responsible in this endeavor. Hence, because the youth have a say over the routes a given society could take, a nation’s investment on the youth becomes one of its primary tasks.

Recognizing this fact, the Government of Eritrea has taken the responsibility to make a huge investment upon the Eritrean youth for the past years because it is only through nurturing a responsible, disciplined and knowing youth that is capable of building a nation. In this spirit, 400,000 Eritrean youth have been trained in Sawa in the previous 19 years of independence. And this is a product of the huge investment and concerted efforts of the people and Government of Eritrea are making in their endeavor to produce a competent youth force.

Because one often rips what he sows, the above stated endeavor to produce competent citizens has made Eritrea a nation of conscious youth. Comparing Eritrean youth with the youth of other nations; Eritrean youth tend to be committed, endowed with the cherished values of our society and vision. Eritrean youth always think about how they are going to develop themselves and what their country expects of them. In times in which many youths and countries are tainted with cultures of drug abuse and other deviant behaviors, having a youth who are conscious and objective is an asset.

In most nations, even in those nations who claim to have a learned population or an accumulated intellect, political work is always controlled by a minority elite group. The youth neither do partake nor have an interest in the political affairs of their respective nation. But in contrast, the sources of any political action in Eritrea are the masses, and the youth themselves. The Eritrean youth, regardless of their whereabouts, whether they are in the country or living in the Diaspora, their participation in the every day affairs of their nation is very high.

It is the culture of the Eritrean youth to unite and stand and challenge any diplomatic or political propaganda campaign directed against their government in a quick manner. Eritreans living in the Diaspora, with no directive at all, at their own initiative form media outlets like TV and radio stations, websites as well as publish magazines and brochures and meet with different lobby groups in different symposiums, conferences and podiums to represent their country. Hence, another contributing factor on top of its truthful and just stand for Eritrea is the fact that it’s endowed with politically mature youth whose wide-participation on the affairs of the state and consciousness is a resource. It’s very hard to come by such a youth population.

The core secret for developing and progressing is having a conscious mind that’s prepared to work, and having a discipline and organization that multiplies your capacity. It could be assumed that Eritreans living in the Diaspora as well as inside the country, because they display both the above mentioned traits, it could be assumed that they are already on the right track of progress as development. Our past history attests to the fact that organization and unity creates a mighty force. This era’s Eritrean youth, hence, have already gotten the legacy of those cultures. Glory to the conscious Eritrean youth, pride of its people and endowed with cherished values.


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