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Rising Stars: EriAm Sisters Shine in Sawa

EriAm Sisters Performing in Sawa
Three Eritrean sisters—Lianda Abraham,17, Salina Abraham,15, and Haben Abraham, 12, are best known by their collective name working as a team in their musical career as the EriAm (Eritrean American)Sisters. Three of them have been gaining wide reputation for the talent they have exhibited in the music world. Everything they have accomplished in the music world is in fact far beyond their age.

Having gained wide acclaim and popularity from multitude of spectators in the wake of their debut on America’s Got Talent, the EriAm Sisters appeared onscreen and onstage with their enthralling shows.

The EriAm Sisters have also shined in various live performances in the 4th Eri-Youth Festival held from 16 -19 July 2010 in Sawa. One who sees them perform onstage would remain captivated by their natural flair for dancing, stage control, working the audience, and above all on how they vibrantly manage changing their voice pitch from rising tone to falling tone and vice versa. They are indeed born for music above any thing else.

Even though their first appearance on stage was in Eritrean festival that was held in Seattle some years back, professionally they performed for almost three or four years.

Working together as a team enables these talented sisters compliment one another. According to them, Lianda is the ‘passion’ who strives to create a sense of humor and easiness, Haben with her creative ability is the ‘vision’ of the group, and Salina is the ‘determination’ who keeps their music vehicle move forward.

If the EriAm Sisters are the boat that has to sail out far off and reach a higher realm of success, their parents are the captains and anchors who always make sure it does not drift away. Their support is not limited in making the three sisters shine in the music, but also to make sure that they maintain attachment with their homeland.

At first, they began singing merely because they love to. But later in music class in school their talent was reflected where they gained high regard from their music teachers. This was in fact the very reason that makes them enrich their talent through working, the three of them, as a group. They first showed up on stage with out having a name that represents them and where they are from. It is then the EriAm Sisters came into being simultaneously serving as a name to their group and representing them as Eritreans as well.

Even though good at any sort of music, the sisters prefer to develop a style of their own. Lianda admires Beyoncé, Haben likes Beyoncé and Whitney Houston as well, and Salina’s favorite is Maria Cary. The EriAm sisters who could become role models to other Eritreans said that it is good to have an inspirational fellow Eritrean singer like Winta Efrem.

For an observer who watched their great performance, he or she is reminded to the three Graces from the Greek mythology like once when Aglaia, Euphrosyne, and Thalia performed in front of god Apollo on mount Olympus, the observer is bound to be entranced by their splendid performance. Like wise the EriAm Sisters, though they can be treated as individuals having their distinctive talent, they together make a kind of triple embodiment of fabulous performance.

Mr. Robert Cann, manager of the EriAm Sisters, visited the 4th Eri-Youth Festival with them and describes the sisters as having an exceptional and very wholesome talent that no other kid  of their age has accomplished. They have a very bright future in terms of getting into the music industry and of course are role models to the youth around the world. “They have international appeal and could succeed further than the Destiny’s Child,” he said.

The bright future awaiting these gifted girls is vivid from the very start. As a sign to their ever-growing magnificent talent, many major companies like Sony, Universal, Mercury Records, Paradigm Motion Pictures, and Epic Records have been showing interest in the girls and also asking to sign contracts.

Their parents, Engineer Mulugeta Abraham and Mrs. Tiblets Meles, play different but inseparable roles to support the flourishing girls. While Eng. Mulugeta is busy making recordings for the YouTube, Mrs. Tiblets participates in styling and making some of their dresses. “As parents we did nothing especial other than recognizing their talent and supporting them and also making sure that their dream comes true,” Eng. Mulugeta said.

The EriAm sisters do not confine themselves in giving rendition to songs that are not theirs. They said that they write the lyrics and compose their music. As an instance they cited their single Diary that was written and composed by Haben- the youngest of the group. What is more interesting about the three of them despite being born and grown up abroad yet they can sing Tigrigna without difficulty of any kind. Their out standing performance in Sawa to Haile Gebru’s song titled Abtsemtsem Bereka attests this fact.

Even though they have produced over 20 recorded music the girls are now working on their first album in which they are developing their styles for they want to be represented differently but still liked by the audience.

Coming back from Sawa to Asmara EriAm Sisters along the Eri-artist from US and Europe presented a concert at Cinema Roma last Wednesday 21st, 2010.

The EriAm sisters are doing their best to maintain persistence in their studies and also to triumph in their musical career. With regards their future plan the girls would continue performing music and of course sign deal with producers. “We will keep writing songs, keep performing and representing Eritrea” they said.


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