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Festivals: Rinforcement To The United Valor

The secret of the feats accomplished by the people of Eritrea in different fronts is the united desire and comprehension of issues that has been cultivated in the long process and the values founded upon our harmony. Our unity and harmony allowed us to perform miracles in our bid for independence as well as in guaranteeing it. And one of the many contributing factors is our national festivals.

In times of our struggle, national festivals that were being held within the country and abroad played an important role in galvanizing our struggle and thereby effectively shortening the lifespan of colonization. And similarly, Eritrean national festivals that have been held from the onset of our independence have played an important role in outlining a common objective and providing direction for the development endeavors and serving as a platform for challenging foreign interference.

Our national festivals highlight our cultural and our historical heritages show our cultural diversity, vividly outline the benefi ts of mutual coexistence and serve as a platform for cultural exchange, innovation and the generation of ideas and refl ects on our national harmony and brings generations together to fi nally illustrate the unity and resourcefulness of our people.

In these times of globalization, many new generations are facing numerous cultural challenges. It has become hard for them to determine which direction to take, and what cultural platform to use for reference. But in contrast, Eritrea is endowed with a generation of youth who happen to be very proud of their culture and heritages. And our national festivals are important platforms that are serving the purpose of being the source of our cultures that attract Eritreans from all over. It’s a further reinforcement to the united valor.


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