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More Graduates: Significant Headway in Human Resource Development

Eritrea has been putting in place a number of infrastructural facilities with a view to promoting the development of various sectors. Human resource development has remained to be the focal point of the ongoing all-rounded national developmental drive.

Conducive environment has been created in providing citizens with up-to-date knowledge and skills so as to enable them make due contribution in the nation-building process, besides enabling them to cope with the ever-changing technological advancement and upgrade their competence. Such efforts have been continued with added momentum even in times of adverse conditions. In line with the persistent endeavors being exerted in human resource development, the Asmara College of Health Sciences and the Teachers’ Training Institute graduated significant number of students recently in different levels.
These graduation events are in fact not merely ceremonials, but rather an occasion that remind  one the students’ commitment to reach such an achievement on one hand, and the relentless efforts made by the government to nurture dynamic youths equipped with multi dimensional skilled and knowledge who could play active role in the nation-building process.
Any sort of development is, in deed, the outcome of education and also of an undiminished keenness to put the acquired skill into tangible practice. Thus, the accomplishments registered in producing 136 graduates from the college of Health Science is very imperative in adding impetuous to the varied ventures that have been taken to provide quality health care services throughout the nation.
The Asmara Teachers Training Institution as well has graduated a total of 532 trainees out of whom 149 are females. The trainings that have been underway and also the graduation event highlight an   established fact that qualified teachers cultivate competent human power. Needless to mention their crucial impact in instigating an all-encompassing skill among the students and cultivating them in a manner they could face challenges flexibly.
Asmara College of Health Sciences that was established in 2005 has graduated, for its first time, 8 health professionals in masters’ degree while the rest of this year’s graduates include 124 in degree and 4 in diploma levels. At present the college has five departments that provide courses in pharmacy, nursing, public health, biological science and the like. At present, the college is rendering educational service to around 1,382 students in the aforementioned specializations.
Present at the graduation ceremony, Mr. Alem Gebrekal, Director of the Asmara Teachers Training Institute (TTI), pointed out that the number of educational institutions has risen sharply. He said that TTI has been working at its level best to meet the ever-increasing teachers’ demand in terms of number and quality. 
The director also mentioned that that the institution has been equipped with sufficient books of almost all subjects for the teachers and students as well.
Similarly, present at the graduation event of Asmara College of Health Sciences, the Minister of Health, Mrs.  Amna Nurhussien congratulated the graduating class who had been able to see the long-awaited day and awarded gold medals to outstanding students.
According to Dr. Azieb Woldegebriel, Dean of College of Health Sciences, the college has been giving services with around 120 instructors. It is natural that deficits could occur in such young colleges; however, Dr.Azieb said that in order to advance its academic qualifications, Asmara College of Health Sciences has been developing ties with the Italian University of Florence and other universities in China and Japan.
Graduates form Asmara College of Health Science and Asmara Teachers Training Institute institution on their part reiterated readiness to serve the country with the skills they acquired. Haben Feshehaye, who completed her master’s degree in anesthesia, for instance, expressed gratitude to the chance for broader access to higher education and called on the female students to make maximum use of the created opportunity. Likewise representative of the graduation class of the TTI said that their stay in the college has enabled them to experience a shared vision among students of different backgrounds who came from different parts of the country.
Both institutions are renowned for contributing substantial number of professionals into the academic and medical domains.   


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