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Progressive national culture – Guarantor for Development

The foundation of any nation is its culture. In this regard, a society that’s yet to develop a culture representing all social segments, finds difficulty creating a sovereign state.
The people of Eritrea struggled against mighty forces and triumphed to acquire their rightful place thanks to the cherished social values that enable them to display remarkable perseverance and firm unity in the face of the challenges posed. Whereas some of those social values we own trace their roots back to older times and some of them were cultivated in the struggle for independence.  Had it not been for our love of the nation, perseverance, sacrificing oneself for the nation, martyrdom, care for one another, heroism and dedication to work, knowledge and innovate, Eritrea wouldn’t exist as a nation today. Hence culture is the basis for existence.

Culture, on top of its crucial role it plays in ensuring existence and identity is the foundation for the national economy and political system. Hence, a population that strives to create a modern system should also develop a progressive national culture with dedication and adroit deftness.

The people and government of Eritrea, fully grasping the above mentioned fact, are working tirelessly to cultivate a progressive culture founded upon the values of our national views and objectives and will have a positive effect on the collective consciousness of our people by giving it the same attention usually reserved for development programs. And come each year, the Festival we celebrate is an important part of the nation building process being carried out through broad popular participation.

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