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Eritrea: an Exemplary Nation in Nurturing an Advanced National Culture.

The people of Eritrea, despite the fact that they have originated from multiple ethnic origins, are known for their culture of respecting and loving one another and a trend of mutual coexistence that has continued for centuries. On top of this, the struggle of the people of Eritrea for independence has further refined this advanced culture by adding important values to the practice. Such a culture has enabled us to transcend and overcome sub-national sentiments. The anticipated Eritrean festival celebrations that bring Eritreans from all over together is an example of this refined culture.

It is a known fact that in their efforts to colonize and control territories, the colonizing forces imparted their culture and practices and also made the colonized subjects uphold the culture of their colonizers in their bid to consolidate their territories. And many of the Governments that came right after nations became independent, instead of revitalizing their indigenous cultures, were seen adhered into the imposed culture of their colonizers. And as a result, many nations and their people have become victims of poverty and identity crises.

Despite this dismal fact elsewhere in the world, the reality is different in Eritrea. Eritrea is a nation that’s developing a culture founded upon the cherished national values that represents all segments of its society. In Eritrea, our cultural work is untainted with cultural invasion that we get to witness everywhere else, rather, it’s an endeavor founded on national values and is in the right track, and only subscribing to new cultures if they are found to be worthy and respectable. And the colorful celebrations and festivals that are held everywhere where Eritreans reside is a standing testimony to our national unity that enabled us to overcome many challenges. These celebrations also highlight our patriotism and love for the nation and show our long cherished cultural legacies and values. The role those celebrations play in highlighting our bright future and their contributions to the process of building a civilized national culture can not be seen lightly.

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