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Art That Advances The Interest Of The People And The Nation

Eritrean art plays an important role in highlighting our cultural legacies, instilling the love of the nation and patriotism, establishing due pride in identity, fostering our national unity and bequeathing a tradition of resilience. The Eritrean form of art has been an integral part of our national struggle and has played a tremendously positive role in the success of our struggle as well as in preserving our sovereignty. It’s a great national resource that our Eritrean artists namely our singers, painters, sculptors, actors, poets, dancers and so on put their innovational skills and talents at the disposal of the nation instead of capitalizing them for personal gain. They have constantly used their skills and innovation in the endeavor of bringing forth change and the tasks of economic emancipation.

In such times of globalization in which we are living, if a society is to conserve its culture and practices and build a modern foundation, then it must make sure that its heritages and legacies are preserved through art so as the coming generations will savor and be proud of it, as a united endeavor towards the direction of begins from being proud of your identity. However, a generation tainted with the wind of globalization and becomes influenced with foreign factors can not achieve its target. It is for this reason that norms and values are commonly held to be the pillars of any given society.

Cultural art therefore makes identity and culture of their owners and plays an important role in highlighting social values. In this regard the festivals that are organized all over by Eritreans play an important role in encouraging the production of works of art that contribute to the preservation of cultural legacy. The pride and satisfaction that such our cultural art brings unto the spectators can not be understated. In short, works of art that has been produced and exhibited in our many national festivals namely works of art in music, choreography, paintings, dramas, writings, etc are driving forces for revitalizing our national culture. Nonetheless, the results that have been registered in this front should not relax us. As it is, our artists should strive to contribute more and produce works of art that could make Eritrean art a competitive one on regional and international scale.

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