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Eritreans in the Diasporas; Exemplary and Model Communities for Others

It is known that Eritrean citizens living in the Diasporas come to visit the father land in the summer time. Hence, the summer season has become synonymous with Eritreans flocking to the homeland.

Citizens living in the Diasporas, fully grasping the fact that their homeland is their only true home, have never fully integrated themselves to live outside their homeland. They’ve always been close to their nation. It is because of this fact that they were able to create a strong and united organization in the aid of their front which was struggling for independence. They’ve been ever-present ambassadors of the Eritrean movement and partook in the struggle by contributing their moral and financial support. It is the display of their strong attachment to their homeland that Eritreans living in the Diasporas have also taken part in taking care of the family of the Martyrs on top of supporting and directing the undergoing developmental endeavors.

His Excellency, the President of the State of Eritrea, Isaias Afewerki, in an interview once described the role of the Eritreans living in the Diasporas with the following words. “A unique characteristic of the Eritreans living in the Diasporas is that they love their nation and family beyond anything else. There are many families that are dependent on remittances coming from abroad.  This is important part of our economy whose cumulative effect is much higher than any foreign investment in our country.

Eritreans living in the Diaspora are very proud of their identity, take good care of their families and siblings and the needy, always put the welfare of their nation before that of themselves,  show strong opposition to the forces of injustice and call for international peace, organize festivals and introduce their children and families to Eritrean traditions and values thereby bequeathing cultural legacies and form exemplary and model communities in the Diasporas for citizens of other African nations.

Enemies of Eritrea always attempt to come between Eritreans living in the Diasporas and their homeland with the use of different ruses and cons. Those forces strive cut the link between the Government of Eritrea and Eritreans living abroad. But nonetheless, such efforts were futile. When the Security Council passed the unjust resolution to sanction Eritrea, the echoing opposition to this injustice is one such display of the unity of Eritreans and the impracticality of the actions of our enemies.

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