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Educational Excellence; Yardstick of Developmental Drive

The scholastic year of 2009/2010 has been different from other years as commendable results have been registered in the National School Examinations. In this academic year, out of 284 schools located all over Eritrea (many of which are located in rural areas) all students studying in 54 schools passed the General Examinations. And also, 253 students registered full marks in the Eritrean Secondary Education Certificate Examination.
The increasing number of student’s performing well on such national examinations is a culmination of the joint efforts of teachers, parents and students in the educational sector. The massive investment being made by the Government of Eritrea in educational endeavors is finally producing impressive results that have become a source of pride.

In retrospect, during the times of struggle for independence, the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front identified ignorance as the foremost hurdle and sought to eradicate it. Hence, the Front was carrying out important tasks in education alongside the struggle for independence. After independence, the Eritrean Government, which inherited a ruined and underdeveloped educational infrastructure, made the development of education one of its foremost priorities and sought to expand educational provision in all parts of the country and especially in remote areas. And as a result of this endeavor, our educational sector now boosts active schools that range from elementary to higher institutes of learning. We’ve now surpassed the reconstruction stage and have embarked upon the path for educational excellence.

Eritrea is a nation that has chosen not to repeat the blunders of many developing countries, and therefore has adhered to the principle of self-reliance and is executing its many developmental schemes based on such a stance. One of those important schemes is ensuring the provision of quality education. Thanks to the collective efforts being exerted in this endeavor, educational provision in our country is improving. And as a witness and display of the improvement, the number of students scoring great results has soared. To see the efforts of the people and Government of Eritrea being fulfilled by the students who are graduating from those schools and joining the work force is satisfying. As educational excellence is one of the yardsticks used to measure developmental drive.

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