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Talented Youth Ready To Make A Difference

Youths from different age groups have been engaged in inventing and innovating different items like utensils and varied equipments that are significant in the daily activity of the society. But their engagement in such activities, and how effective the items they made has never been known till they displayed their products in occasions such as the Eri-Youth festival at Sawa and the National Festival at the Expo grounds.

The display of varied innovative and creative works plays due role in raising awareness among the youth to engage themselves in such endeavors so as to contribute their share for sustainable creative and innovative works.
Simon Hadgu form Southern Red Sea region used to engage in sculpture and other creative works, but later he started to partake in producing different machines starting with an iron cutter machine. The materials he utilized in making the different machines are from varied pieces of iron obtained from different equipment that are no longer functional.

Drawing a comparison in the efficiency of the imported and the locally made machines, he confidently said that the imported machines are superficially good but not durable. According to Simon, the locally made machines are really durable, easily maintainable, cheap and can also perform many tasks at a given time. He said: “We utilize pure and hardwearing iron to make the equipment.” He also emphasized that the machines are tested and are really in a good working condition and that he never heard any complaint from the customers who purchased his products.

He made his first wood designing machine with its interchangeable blades that could shape different designs in 1996. The machine has been functional to date without any damage and there is a growing demand for it. Simon has now opened a wood and metal workshop in Asseb through the incomes he gained by providing wood and metal work machines to the market.

The impact of such initiatives in inspiring the youth to be innovative and creative is very vivid. It kindles their interests and talents and encourages them to take initiatives in a hands-on courses or rather advanced works.
The foundation for a substantial development starts with the youths creative and innovative capacities. Hence, youths innovations need to be integrated for it would produce more effective outcome through integrating of ideas and products.

Semere Woldegiorgis, 17, form Ghindae sub-zone made a smokeless oven that could make due contribution in creating sound ecology. The fuel that is utilized to produce energy is from water compacted bark of trees and wood remains. Once the oven is turned on it stays for about 12 hours unless its lid is closed.

Yonas Hadera from Asmara is a graduate in electrical engineering. He made animal processing machine that include salt grinders, dried fish, corals, bushes, bones and a mixer the combines all the ingredients for a nutritious animal feed.  It took him ten months to make all of the equipment that have a capacity to process 300 quintals of animal food feed in a day.

Also Yonas’s product, a two wheeled cane stem crusher powered with induction motor and diesel engine that could be pulled with a tractor is functional both in cities and rural areas. He utilizes materials form destroyed cars, different cargo containers and other materials. All his products were made inside the Medeber in Asmara, which is a center of innovation and creativity.

Software development, innovation and creativity is also another area in which the youths potential capacities has been highlighted. Software for language acquisition, , management facilitator, water level indicators and much more have been innovated and developed to suit the nation’s socio-cultural context.

What the aforementioned creations and innovations make clear is that skilled youths are being cultivated in different corners of the country. Bringing inventors and innovators in one platform indeed reinforces such efforts that could enable them to further hone their skills and potentials.


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