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Extensive Public Campaign Conducted In Da’arotai

Hagaz, 22 August 2010 – The inhabitants of various administrative areas of Hagaz sub-zone are carrying out effective agricultural activities in over 80 hectares of land cultivate through  integrated farming in Da’arotai, according to Mr. Idris Mohammed, the administrator of the sub-zone.

He told ERINA that the ongoing public campaign is part of the soil and water conservation as well as the efforts to achieve food security and that the participation of the inhabitants is commendable.

Indicating that the crops are now in good condition as a result of the people’s endeavors and the promising rainfall, Mr. Idris said that millet and sorghum were cultivate in over 60 hectares of the land and taff has been planted over 20 hectares for experimental purposes. He further called on the inhabitants to enhance their contribution in strengthening their organization in the undertaken campaign to achieve food security.


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