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Farming Communities Called Upon To Step Up Efforts

Barentu, 22 August 2010 – The Administrator of the Gash-Barka region, Mr. Mussa Rab’a, urged farmers to reinforce their efforts in properly maintaining cultivated areas which are already showing satisfactory progress.

In a meeting with sub-regional administrators, PFDJ officials, Assembly members, ministries’ branch offices and organizations, Mr. Mussa called on all bodies in region to encourage farmers to cultivate their farming areas and work in collaboration with them.

Moreover, it was disclosed during the meeting that over 90% of the 200,000 hectares of land have been put under cultivation. It was also stated that measures would be taken to protect the water diversion schemes constructed at substantial expenditure.

A number of recommendations were adopted including finalization of the construction of community schools before the beginning of 2010-11 academic year, promoting efforts to decrease mother and child mortality rates and control malaria epidemic.

The Administrator stressed the importance of concerted effort of all government bodies and organizations so as to implement the outlined plans on schedule.

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