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NUEW Branch In Gash-Barka Region Extends Support To 70 Disadvantaged Women

La’alay-Gash, 22 August 2010 – The branch of NUEW in Gash-Barka region has provided support to about 70 disadvantaged women in La’alay-Gash sub-zone at a cost of 315,000Nakfa, according to Ms. Kidsiti Kifle, head of branch in the sub-zone.

Disclosing that the women are inhabitants of Bileinaio, Antore, Maishigli, Shilalo, Adi-Hakin, Arakub and Awgaro, she said that the assistance was aimed at improving the living standard of these women by enabling them to become self-supporting.

Expressing appreciation for the support extended to them, the beneficiaries on their part expressed readiness to make utmost efforts to improve their livelihood through the support they obtained.

Ms. Kidsiti pointed out that the NUEW is striving to assist disadvantaged women so as to bring about basic change in their lifestyle, and called on the beneficiaries to strengthen their efforts to improve their standard of living.


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