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Barentu town residents called upon to enhance contribution in controlling malaria

Barentu, 23 August 2010 – In a meeting with village elders of 3 administrative areas, the residents of Barentu town were called upon to make increased contribution in controlling the spread of malaria.

Health professionals offered lecture at the meeting during which they stressed the need to cover up mosquito breeding spots and promote environmental sanitation.

The head of malaria control department in the Health Ministry’s branch in Gash-Barka region, Mr. Afwerki Araya, called on the general public to reinforce community-based endeavors towards controlling the infection, as the region is located in high-malaria-risk zone.

Reports indicated that the general public and the Ministry’s branch in the region are exerting strenuous efforts to prevent the incidence of malaria infection taking into account the existing good rainy season this year.

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