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Development activities gaining momentum in Areza sub-zone

Areza, 23 August 2010 – The inhabitants of Mai-Dima, Areza, Hatsina, Ziban-Debri, Adi-Greto and Adebeza are undertaking effective development activities focusing on soil and water conservation, as well as planting tree seedlings, construction of embankments and terraces.

Mr. Melake Fisehaye, expert in soil and water conservation in Areza sub-zone, said that the activities are being carried out in mountains, school premises and martyrs’ cemetery. More than 12,000 various types of tree seedlings have been planted through the popular campaign, in addition to the putting in place of 20 Km-long terraces and 1,500 cubic meters of embankments, as well as the digging of 8,000 holes for planting tree seedlings.

Meanwhile, over 80,000 different types of tree seedlings are being planted in special reserve areas of Ziban-Debri, Adibeza, Adi-Groto and Areza.

Mr. Melake further pointed out that about 500 tree seedlings have also been planted within the premises of patriots’ cemetery in which more than 100 government employees took part.

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