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Farmland leveling activities carried out in Segeneiti sub-zone

Segeneiti, 23 August 2010 –  The leveling of farmlands is being carried out in the villages of Digsa, Birkito and Nielto with a view to preventing soil erosion. About 30,000 people took active participation in the undertaking.

Members of the farming community are carrying out such activities in their farmland at the individual and group level beginning last month as a result of the growing awareness regarding the significance of the program.

They explained that previously crop harvest was minimum due to lack of undertaking coordinated land leveling activities. At present, however, effective popular campaign is being stepped up to this end, which is bearing encouraging outcome.

The Administrator of Segeneiti sub-zone, Mr. Woldemichael Kidane, indicated that concerted action is being taken to conserve every drop of rain, and thereby raise soil fertility. About 60 hectares have already been leveled in the 3 villages through the campaign that are in the process of cultivation, he added. Mr. Woldemichael further explained that similar activities would be carried out in the remaining villages of the sub-zone.

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