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Central region: Mortality rate drops by 16.6%

Asmara, 24 August 2010 – Mortality rate in the Central region has shown a decline of 16.6% as a result of the expansion of efficient health service along with the growing number of health professionals.

Speaking at the opening session of an assessment meeting held yesterday at the Municipality Hall, the regional Administrator, Mr. Kahsai Gebrehiwet, indicated that such a task is being given top priority and stressed the need for coordinated endeavors on the part of all institutions to this end. He further explained that undertaking extensive campaign towards enhancing popular participation in the endeavors has vital role to play in realizing the set goal.

Also in a report he presented at the meeting, the head of the Health Ministry’s branch in the region, Dr. Worede Mesfin, pointed out that there are 35 governmental and 73 private health institutions in the Central region. He went on to say that the prevalence of diseases has dropped by 20%, while children’s mortality rate has shown a decline of 5.6%.

Noting that conducting campaign in schools is playing major role in this regard, Dr. Worede explained that a hospital in Bet-Mekae has already begun rendering delivery service, whereas there are plans to renovate and expand Halibet and Edaga-Hamus hospitals, as well as the clinics in Mai-Temenai and Adis-Alem.

Also in line with the tasks accomplished in rural areas, over  5,000 toilets have been constructed in 27 villages, and that 87% of the objective has been realized. 

In closing remarks, the Minister of Health, Ms. Amna Nurhusein, stated that major tasks have been accomplished in the region focusing on the health sector. In this connection, she urged all service-rendering institutions to work jointly towards achieving the desired goal.

Stating that concerted action is being taken to tackle the loopholes being encountered, Ms. Amna indicated that  the requisite manpower and equipments are being deployed in Azel Pharmaceutical Plant with a view to supplying enough medicine and minimizing importing drugs at substantial expense.

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