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Farmers in Agoradat sub-zone called upon to closely follow up farmlands

Agordat, 24 August 2010 – The head of the Agriculture Ministry’s branch in Agordat sub-zone, Mr. Zeraburuk Ogbaslasie, called on the farming community in the sub-zone to closely follow up their farmlands so that they may obtain bumper harvest. He noted that sorghum and millet cereals have already been cultivated in the sub-zone through tractors and individuals.

The Administrator of Shelab, Mr. Mohammed Saleh Osman, explained that all the local inhabitants have cultivated their farmlands and that the condition of the crops is quite promising.

The Administrators of Deret and Endraib area, Mr. Humed Idris Aweda and Mr. Abdalla Osman Genadi respectively, said on their part that the necessary agricultural activities have been carried out thanks to the existing good rainy season.

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