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Inhabitants of Adi-Keih sub-zone get access to passport and visa service

Adi-Keih, 24 August 2010 – As part of efforts to expand equitable social service in all parts of the country, the inhabitants of Adi-Keih sub-zone have now easy access to passport and visa service in their locality.

The inhabitants explained that previously they were compelled to travel to Mendefera town to obtain such service, and that the introduction of the same service in the area at present would save unnecessary expenses, time and energy.

The head of immigration and nationality branch in Adi-Keih, Maj. Alene Yigzaw, stated on his part that visa and passport have been given to hundreds of national over the past six months, and that about 2,000 citizens have got national identity card.

Noting that the branch office is providing service to the sub-zones of Adi-Keih and Senafe, he indicated that the office is applying computerized mode of operation through introducing new equipments. Continuous training courses are also being offered to staff members in a bid to upgrade their skill.

The immigration and nationality office in the Southern region has branch offices in the sub-zones of Mendefera, Dekemhare and Adi-Keih.

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