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Eritrean Police Warns the Public to be Cautious of Accidents Resulting from Flooding

Asmara, 25 August 2010 – The PR office of the Eritrean Police warned the public to remain cautious in preventing possible accidents resulting from heavy rains in this year’s good rainy season. 

It indicated that in connection with the existing good rain showers, over 35 serious accidents have occurred this year resulting in the death of 73 people, including children and mothers. More than 50 others also sustained injury, it added. In this regard, the PR office  called on the general public to be cautious of rivers and other sites that could cause accidents.

Noting that most of the accidents occurred due to failure to take the necessary precautionary measures taking into account possible heavy rains, it disclosed that heavy rains caused the death of 43 persons and over 80 camels last July in Ararib, Aiteway, Ruba Hidai and around Agordat.

The PR office went on to say that although various accidents have been caused during summer rains in the country, the serious damage to human loss and property entailed from this year’s good rainy season is the first of its kind.

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