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CECAFA Participants Conduct Visit In Southern And Northern Red Sea Regions

CECAFA Teams Visit Red Sea Region
Asmara, 26 August 2010 – The participants of CECAFA Cup under 20 national teams of Somalia, Sudan, Zanzibar, Rwanda and Uganda, as well as referees conducted a visit in the Southern and Northern Red Sea regions.  The members indicated that the tour organized by the Eritrean Sports Commission and regional Administrators is part of the warm hospitality accorded to them, and expressed satisfaction with the gesture.

Mr. Vincet Mashami, Assistant Coach of the Rwandan team, expressed deep impression with the prevailing peace in Eritrea and the salubrious weather. Similarly, Mr. Sistilio Jubo, who headed the Sudanese sports team, said that they witnessed Eritrean people’s commitment to promote peace and common development.

The heads of CECAFA including the Secretary, Mr. Nicolas Misogne, and senior staff of the Eritrean Sports Commission visited Massawa through the Eritrean Green Belt route, and conducted a tour of historical and tourist sites headed by the Administrator of Northern Red Sea region, Ms. Tsigereda Woldegergis. 

Mr. Nicolas Misogne expressed conviction that Eritrea would be the symbol of Africa in due course as it is blessed with peace and stability, coupled with rich natural resources.

Likewise, Mr. Ali Ferju Altamim from Zanzibar, who is the   chairman of the coordinating committee of CECAFA in Eritrea, visited the Southern region. He said that sport has great impact on developing friendship and exchange of fraternity, in addition to culture beyond winning the Cup.  The chairman stated that he had observed a lot of similarity between the people of Zanzibar and Eritrea.

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