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Farming Community In Halhale Sub-Zone Strives To Boost Production

Halhale, 26 August 2010 – The farming community in Halhale sub-zone, Anseba region, is stepping up endeavors to boost production, and thereby achieve food security.

Pointing out that the Government has constructed a number of dams in various areas of the sub-zone so as to enable the local inhabitants improves their living standard, the community members expressed readiness to put under cultivation farmlands beneath the dams.

The farmers further stated that they are now able to supply fruits and vegetables to the markets of Halhale, Melebso, Keren and in other urban-centers.

Indicating that fruits and vegetables cultivation is expanding from time to time, Mr. Fitsum Senay, an expert in crop cultivation, said that about 78 hectares of farmland have been put under cultivation with different fruits and vegetables.

Reports disclosed that dams and ponds constructed in Halhale sub-zone have accumulated sufficient amount of water thanks to the existing good rain showers.

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