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Impressive Achievements Registered In Heath Sector Are The Outcome Of Concerted Efforts, Minister Says

Minister of Health, Ms. Amna Nurhusein
Massawa, 26 August 2010 – The Minister of Health, Ms. Amna Nurhusein, said that the impressive achievements registered in the health sector are the outcome of the concerted efforts on the part of the people and Government. She made the remarks in a meeting held in Massawa aimed at evaluating the achievements of the Ministry’s branch office in the Northern Red Sea region. 

The Minister stated that the on-going endeavors to ensure the health of the general public and the accomplishments so far registered attest to the relentless effort exerted at all levels.

Ms. Amana further explained that the nurturing of health professionals on the basis of internal capacities is being witnessed, citing the gratifying outcome of the efforts exerted by Azel Pharmaceutical Plant.

According to reports presented at the meeting, various training programs have been offered so as to upgrade the competence of health staff members. Besides, health campaigns aimed at promoting people’s awareness were conducted, reports added. Solar energy supply to various health institutions is equally being provided with a view to rendering efficient service to the general public.

The participants of the meeting from all sub-zones of the region, held in-depth discussion, and adopted a number of resolutions and recommendations.

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