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Dairy farmers in Gash-Barka conduct tour in Southern region to exchange experience

Barentu, 27 August 2010 – Members of the farming community in 14 sub-zones of Gash-Barka region engaged in dairy farming conducted a tour in the sub-zones of Mendefera, Dubarwa, Dekemhare and Segeneiti sub-zones in the Southern region from August 20 to 21. The visit aimed at exchanging experience among members of dairy product associations as regards breeding cows and preparing animal feed, as well as boosting dairy production.

During a tour to Mendefera sub-zone, the head of the Agriculture Ministry’s branch in the region, Mr. Bahta Tedros, highlighted the importance of sharing experience among cattle owners in both regions so that scientific method of milk production may be enhanced and dairy products doubled. 

The chairman of the dairy farming association in the Southern region, Mr. Niguse Haile, on his part gave briefings on the structure of 12 dairy farming associations in the region, and expressed readiness to demonstrate the necessary collaboration in enabling cattle owners in Gash Barka region form the same association.

They subsequently visited milk collection and distribution center, animal feed processing plant, as well as dairy farm and pig breeding sites, during which they received briefings by experts.

Also on the occasion, Mr. Girmai Woldegabir, expert in animal breeding in Gash-Barka region, said that the visiting farmers have drawn valuable lesson, and that the necessary initiatives would be taken to restructure and strengthen the existing associations in various sub-zones of the region.

Speaking at the end of the tour, the Administrator of the Southern region, Mr. Mustafa Nurhusein, called on farmers in Gash-Barka region engaged in dairy farming to strengthen their organizational capacity and effectively utilize the available resources in the domain.

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