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Eritrea, A Nation Of Endeavors And Development Wonder

It is known that the people of Eritrea have not been able to work and ensure food security in the past due to suppressive colonialists’ policies, long wars and natural disasters that hamper the development of agriculture. This in turn had its negative repercussions on the economy. In such times, it was another misfortunate thing that our land was exposed to mass erosion as well as deforestation during the past on one hand, and the fact that the traditional farming methods employed in our country haven’t progressed much even though there was mass migration to urban areas and there was a sharp increase in demands had their hand in further aggravating the shortage of food and poverty.

Thus, as a result of those challenges, the hardworking people of Eritrea depended on aid for a short period of time.Even though aid is acceptable sometimes as it enables one to alleviate food shortage that has been caused as a result of factors beyond control, nonetheless, it is out of question for a government that aspires to improve the living standards of its people as aid tends to be incapacitating. Some years back, in an interview regarding this issue, His Excellency President Isaias Afewerki elaborated that we should not use the pretext of war and famine to pave way for those donors who wish to install enduring disasters; and always dependent on aid.

He further went on to elaborate that displacement that has been caused as a result of natural disasters can be overturned through the input of work and using the right agricultural methods.From this point of view, the government of Eritrea has been exerting concerted efforts to revitalize the spirit of work in order to invigorate the agricultural sector that has long been incapacitated due to recurring occurrences of draught and famine as well as prolonged war. And the spirit of self-reliance, a value that has long been rooted in the Eritrean society and was further refi ned in the struggle for independence has become our primary asset and resource in this national undertaking.

The one that strives will defi nitely win and as a result of the concerted efforts of the Eritrean government and the people many projects namely, many micro dams and reservoirs, diversion canals etc have been accomplished to date and they have paved way for a modern agricultural practice. As this has also changed the overall view in agriculture and highlighted the fact that it can be economically rewarding, our hardworking people have started investing in agriculture by producing cash crops and rearing animals.

It should be mentioned here that government organizations and the front are playing an important role in ensuring food security. The continuing supervision and support of the President to THE projects provides much encouragement to the citizens, leaders, administrators and engineers active in those developmental endeavors and is also the cause of further moral and drive.Hence, one of the greatest accomplishments that we’ve been able to accomplish in our developmental endeavor has been the fact that we’ve been able to eliminate dependency and we’ve started to put our faith in our toil and work to develop our production capacity. As having a faith in your capacity to work and toil is the core secret of improving one’s production capacity, we shall utilize our organizational capacity and the modern machineries we’re importing and realize our national vision through the use of our resources and our capacity. Eritrea, a nation of endeavors and development wonder.

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