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“Eritrea Is Capable Of Hosting Senior CECAFA and CAF Tournaments” CECAFA General Secretary

CECAFA Press Conference
Right after the completion of group stage matches, CECAFA conducted its first press conference since the opening of CECAFA 2010 under 20 championship cup in Asmara. CECAFA matches have at present come to the end of group stage, and the first game of the semi finals had opened on Wednesday, 25th August 2010 with the match of Eritrea versus Rwanda at 4:00pm while the second match was between Kenya and Uganda on Thursday 26th August.


Many matches have been conducted under heavy rain where as for the semi final matches CECAFA has issued a special announcement that the match would be called off at any level if the weather doesn’t permit the continuation of the match. Thus, irrespective of the results of the match that have been called off, it would again start as a fresh game. CECAFA would decide the time for the replay of the match and the results of the called off matches would not count.


CECAFA has also expressed appreciation for the conducive atmosphere Eritrea has so far created, and also the good support of the fans, the government of Eritrea, and Eritrea’s footfall federation.
So far five teams have been eliminated form the CECAFA championship cup. Thus, Somalia, Yemen, Zanzibar, Tanzania and Sudan have left to their countries.

As this year’s theme “development and friendship cup” suggests the tournament is an undoubtedly a reflection of development and friendship.  Eritrea has offered a chance to the CECAFA participants a vacation to Massawa. Expressing appreciation of the very good reception at Massawa tour, the CECAFA gave suggestions on the possibility of the Massawa stadium becoming a good venue for such tournaments if the necessary infrastructure was put in place.

According to the CECAFA’s observations this year’s tournament is one of the best in terms of organization. In the press conference it was highlighted that the Eritrean football federation working along with the government   has delivered a very good competition by all standards, on the field of play, general organization, and the encouragement provided to all teams.

CECAFA Press Conference
Answering to the possibility for Eritrea to host senior CECAFA tournaments, Mr. Nicolas Misogne reiterated that Eritrea is quiet capable of hosting such competitions which are more or less the same as the senior tournament. Pointing out that Eritrea has the capacity even to host a cup of nations of under 17 years of age, he also recommended Eritrea after hosting the women championship of CECAFA to engage in hosting under 17 CAF tournament, especially if the stadiums at Massawa and Keren are upgraded.
As regards to the opening ceremony of the CECAFA Tournament he said that this was the best they have had seen. He insisted that Eritrea should maintain that sprit towards sports and whished that the closing ceremony of the CECAFA cup under the age of 20 would be conducted with the same vivacity.

The hosting of CECAFA championship cup in Eritrea has enabled the participating teams and CECAFA officials to have a glimpse on varied developmental ventures in the country.  Mr. Misogne put his impression about Eritrea as follows: “Eritrea is a tourists’ country.  We have seen what Eritreans can do on their own, building very good roads and bridges. The road to Massawa   is very interesting that can make very good tourist attraction. We appreciate the way you maintain your culture and heritage which is very fascinating.”

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