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Godaif Community Hospital to provide eye surgery service

Godaif Community Hospital
Asmara, 27 August 2010 – The Godaif Community Hospital in Asmara is finalizing preparations to begin eye surgery service, according to Mr. Andeberhan Hidremichael, head of the hospital. He explained that the hospital used to make medical checkup and provide medicines to patient suffering from sight problems, and that those serious cases were referred to the Berhan Ayini Hospital. Mr. Andeberhan stressed the significance of environmental sanitation in preventing eye diseases.

Mr. Yebiyo Tewolde, ophthalmologist, said that over 40 patients receive treatment on a daily basis and that it is ready to provide complete service upon introducing the required equipments. He further called on persons surfing from sight problem to immediately visit the center and avoid traditional eye treatment. 

The Godaif Community Hospital that was opened in 2004 is providing commendable services focusing on ensuring health cure of children under the age of 5, general medicine for adults and basic eye treatment. It has more than 74 staff members.

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