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Maeloba-Omhajer road under renovation

Omhajer, 27 August 2010 – The Maeloba-Omhajer road which was not suitable for transport service is now under renovation through Bidho Construction Company. The 21 Km-long road has been sustaining serious damage due to excessive flooding, and that its narrow width would now be expanded.

Mr. Osman Mohammed Seid from the construction company said that the road has a vital role to play in accelerating the pace of urbanization in the Omhajer semi-urban center. To this end, repairing the damaged road is quite imperative, he added.  

Meanwhile, the Company is actively engaged in the construction of a 120 km-long road running to agricultural sites, out of which 40 kilometers of dirt road have already been finalized. About 1,400 hectares have also been cleared and put under cultivation that is currently in good condition, according to reports.

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