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Number of pregnant mothers giving birth in health institutions growing in Senafe and Adi-Keih sub-zones

Senafe, 27 August 2010 – The number of pregnant mothers who are giving birth in health institutions in Senafe and Adi-Keih sub-zones is keeping on growing as a result of the continued public awareness raising campaigns, stated Ms. Meaza Sebhatu, head of NUEW branch in the sub-zones.

Speaking at briefings given in Senafe town regarding the health condition of mothers, she explained that the awareness of the society, especially mothers is raising with each passing day thanks to the campaign being undertaken by the Health Ministry in collaboration with partners. As a result, the number of pregnant mothers delivering in health institutions is showing an encouraging increase, which in turn contributed to the reduction of mother and child mortality rate.

The head of NUEW in the Southern region, Ms. Weini Negash, said on her part that the achievements registered in reducing mother and child mortality rate during delivery is a steppingstone for still more gratifying accomplishments.

The participants commended the endeavors being made to expand health service in all parts of the country, especially remote areas.

In a related news, the head of the Health Ministry’s branch in Adi-Quala sub-zone, Mr. Tewolde Kidane, held a meeting with the local inhabitants, during which he highlighted the need for the general public to enhance contribution in efforts to ensure mother and child care through preventing diseases resulting from pregnancy and delivery problems.

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