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Potable water supply projects being implemented in Golij sub-zone

Golij, 27 August 2010 – Potable water supply projects are being implemented in the administrative areas of Diresa, Sabunait, Adi-Jimiel and Aklelat, Golij sub-zone, at an expenditure of over 12 million Nakfa.

The projects under implementation through the collaboration of the Water Resource Department in Gash-Barka region and partners is aimed at providing reliable potable water supply, and thus easing the previously existing problem.

The supervisor of the project, Eng. Berhane Haile, pointed out that 90% of the tasks have been accomplished and that a total of 10 wells and 4 ponds have already been constructed in the aforementioned 4 villages. Most of such projects are backed with solar-energy generating facilities, and that the public should make good use of it, he added.

The contractor of the project in Sabunait, Mr. Fisehaye Ogbamichael, said on his part that the project is being implemented in a manner that takes into account the number of the population. 2 ponds with the capacity of holding about 300 barrels of water each have been constructed, in addition to the installation of over 800 meter-long water pipelines, he elaborated. Mr. Fisehaye further commended the participation of the local inhabitants in the undertaking.

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