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Soil and water conservation activities being stepped up in Gura’e

Gura’e, 27 August 2010 – The inhabitants of Gura’e administrative area are undertaking soil and water conservation activities. They told ERINA that thanks to the existing good distribution of rainfall this year, the farms are in promising condition, and that micro-dams and water reservoirs have already accumulated sufficient volume of water.

In this connection, the local inhabitants explained that the popular campaign is aimed at preventing soil erosion resulting from excessive flooding.

Reports indicated that a micro-dam in the area which was constructed in 2007 at substantial government expense has accumulated more than enough amount of water.

The Administrator of Gura’e, Mr. Kidane Gebru, pointed out that over 2,500 inhabitants of Ziban-Seraw, Endadeqo and Adi-Harem  are engaged in the renovation of rain-damaged road networks, while the inhabitants of Gura’e are taking part in the putting in place of terraces along agricultural sites and wells. Such activities would continue in an enhanced manner, he added.

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