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President Isaias holds talks with PRC delegation

President Isaias Afwerki held talks with a Chinese delegation
Asmara, 28 August 2010 – President Isaias Afwerki received and held talks last night with a Chinese delegation headed by the Deputy Foreign Minister, Mr. Zhai Jun.

In the meeting at the Denden Hall, the President said that the delegation’s visit is significant as regards strengthening the growing relations between the two countries. He further pointed out that Eritrean-Chinese cooperation of partnership continues to gain momentum, and that the development registered in various domains fully attests to this fact. Stating such relations should be further enhanced, President Isaias indicated that the door remains open to Chinese companies to participate in the implementation of development programs and infrastructure development endeavors in Eritrea. 

The President went on to say that China’s role in restructuring the Security Council is significant, and that both countries share similar views as regards the issue. In this respect, he stressed the need for the PRC to make good use of its influential role as member of the Council to press for change in the prevailing obstructionist mode of operation. 

Mr. Zhai Jun on his part noted the growing Eritrean-Chinese relations and cooperation of partnership in diverse fields, and the PRC’s readiness to further enhance such strategic ties. Moreover, the Chinese official asserted his country’s readiness to back up Eritrea’s endeavors to reinforce the development drive, including that of achieving food security.

The two sides also conducted extensive discussion on regional and international issues of mutual concern to both countries.

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