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300 Women In Berikh Sub-Zone Complete Adult Education Program

Berikh, 29 August 2010 – A total of 300 female farmers in Berikh sub-zone, Central region, who have been following adult education program for one up to three years, are now able to read and write.

The Administrator of the sub-zone, Mr. Mengsteab Fessehaye, handed out prizes to outstanding participants, and pointed out that such programs are part of the priorities of the Ministry of Education. He went on to add that there is plan to provide educational opportunity for these women to continue their education.

In a report he presented, the head o Ministry of Education branch in the sub-zone, Mr. Kaleab Keleta, stated that the adult education program has been seriously undertaken in 21 villages in last 10 years. In this respect, they have so far been able to eradicate illiteracy in the villages of Adi-Shimagle, Adi-Sifeda and Adi-Mer’awi.

Disclosing that literacy campaign is underway in 18 villages of the sub-zone, Mr. Kaleab said that over 80% of the enrolled students are following their education regularly.

The graduates of the adult education program said that they would continue their education.

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