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Efforts To Expand Social Service In Kerkebet Sub-Zone Bear Fruitful Outcome

Kerkebet, 29 August 2010 – The Government’s endeavors to expand social service-rendering institutions aimed at improving the living standard of the people, thereby narrowing the income gap between urban and rural areas in Kerkebet sub-zone is registering fruitful outcome, stated Mr. Humed Ela Ali, the administrator of the sub zone.

In an interview with ERINA, he said that strenuous efforts are underway to assist the nomadic inhabitants of the sub-zone to lead settled lifestyle including regrouping the people in well researched areas, acquainting them with modern agriculture methods and ensuring equitable distribution of social service

Accordingly, three health institutions have been constructed in the administrative areas of Amalait, Lekoyeb and Himbol, and that the institutions are making due contribution in ensuring public health in general and mother and child health in particular.

As regards to the extension of education services, Mr. Humed indicated that 11 schools ranging from kindergarten to junior schools are rendering regular services, in addition to the opening of two educational centers herd those who started school at a later age.

Moreover, he said that the construction of health stations and schools are underway in different administrative areas of the sub-zone.

Mr. Humed said that the local inhabitants are satisfied with the provision of health care and education service in their surrounding, and called on them to further promote their participation in the national development drive.

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