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PFDJ issues statement in connection with the 49th anniversary of the launching of armed struggle for independence

In a statement it issued in connection with the 49th anniversary of the launching of the armed struggle for independence, the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ) underlined that past half-century traversed in the course of the struggle indeed constitutes a period of special and paramount significance. It certainly represents a time characterized with major developments and transformation in the lives of the Eritrean people, thus symbolizing the unique feature of our people in making history.  The first 30 years marked a period in which the Eritrean people succeeded in building one of the potent revolutionary organizations in the 20th century through overcoming numerous challenges both at the internal and external level.  In this regard, the statement noted the momentous victory scored over Ethiopian colonial rule.

The 10 years following the achievement of independence equally witnessed a valiant struggle waged towards ensuring self-determination legally and practically, as well as building a sovereign and prosperous nation. In this respect, the statement emphasized that the past 50 years serve as a steppingstone in facilitating the nation-building process.

It went on to underscore that endeavors to build a bright future characterized with social justice and democracy in which nationals lead a life of dignity, improved life style and developed culture  on the basis of the noble values nurtured in the course of the armed struggle. In this spirit, it should be stressed that the necessary efforts need to be undertaken to keep intact such cherished values, and thus bequeath them to future generations, the statement elaborated.

The PFDJ statement further highlighted the need to take concerted action towards developing a dynamic national political order along with vibrant institutions rooted in the principles of democracy, social justice and harmony, in addition to building a self-reliant potent national economy.    
To this end, it emphasized the paramount importance of reinforcing endeavors to strengthen organizational capacity that played decisive role in the demanding task of achieving independence and safeguarding the nation’s sovereignty. In the same spirit, the statement pointed out that Bahti Meskerem marks a momentous event that laid the groundwork for building a developed and prosperous national through overcoming temporary hurdles and acts of hostility.


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