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An Event that Highlighted the Desire for Development and Friendship

It is to be recalled that in the past week Asmara hosted the 5th CECAFA football Friendship and Development Cup under-20. In this tournament, as it is expressed in its theme, highlighted the high desire of the nations in our region to engage in friendship and mutual development, a fact which can be attested by the big appreciation it received beginning from the day it was vividly opened to its closing ceremony.

It is a known fact that once the relationship between nations and especially their youth extends beyond the geographical borders, it plays a major role in highlighting a common desire and thereby bringing about development in all endeavors. As it is known, our region has been roiled by conflicts sown by some entities that seek to capitalize from the ensuing disorder and sufferings.  As it is, there are many major tasks and strides that need to be taken by the nations of our region in their endeavor for development. Hence, congregations that advocates unity and coexistence become very necessary, especially in unstable regions like ours.

The CECAFA event wasn’t the first international tournament that was hosted by Eritrea. It is to be recalled that only few months ago Eritrea hosted the tour of Eritrea, a cycling competition in which many competitors of diverse nationalities partook in. Not only has Eritrea been accommodating sport tournaments, but also it has been hosting important gatherings that are meant to bring about and increase cooperation and mutual understanding between the nations of our region. It is to be recalled that recently a youth forum was held here in which students and youth representatives of nations in our region participated. In the forum which was titled “Mutual Understanding for Peace, Security and Sustainable Development” the youth of our region were presented with a chance to sit together and share their ideas for peace and development. Not only the above mentioned forums, but also a great too many forums and initiatives for peace that were organized by the government of Eritrea have gone down the annals of Eritrean history.

Hence, the CECAFA tournament that was held under the theme “Friendship and Development” was an event that highlighted the need for the peoples of our region to unite and work for development in a concerted manner and emphasized on the positive role being played by Eritrea, which has good intentions in bringing about a mutual understanding and coexistence between the nations of our region.

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