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Education, Spearhead For Development

Students and teachers are preparing to go back to school as the summer breaks have ended, and the scholastic year of 2010/2011 is about to commence. What is the final objective of a human being and the community it dwells on? Even though much could be said in connection with the above question, all answers converge on a single point, that society has no fi nal aim. The aim of a society is constant development, satisfying material and spiritual demands. And therefore, ideas and accumulated knowledge are the spearheads of this process. Ideas and the know-how acquired through the ages by humans have allowed the world to reach its current scientifi c, political and philosophic zenith. After all, the secret behind nations surpassing one another in power and development isn’t their endowment in resources that matters, but rather their knowledge. And as the world often tends to belong to whoever is powerful, societies that attribute little value to education are often disregarded.

But the good thing in here is that, everyone is endowed with a capacity regardless of their race, sex and social background to acquire lots of knowledge in a short span of time. Hence, anyone who has been lagging behind can catch up unless some efforts are exerted. All the knowledge that has been acquired through the ages by humans can be transferred into one child or youth in a short period of time. And the cycle of teaching and learning makes this a reality.

If knowledge something that’s more important than resources and is the decisive factor in the path for advancement, then the primary asset of any society is the human factor, especially the children which are growing up and the youth. In this perspective, the greatest calling for a given nation or society is the provision of education and training, a process through which children and the youth can acquire knowledge. Nonetheless, knowledge and vocation by themselves are not enough, but rather they should be coupled with the love of the nation, strong discipline, a desire for improvement, strong commitment to one’s work, innovation, love for truth and justice etc. These are very important social values and nurturing such important customs should also be an integral part of the educational system.

Hence, producing a committed human capital, which is by far more important than other resources, is the most important task for a society. And the institution which will perform this undertaking is the educational system. As it is, educational systems are the spearheads for development and change.

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