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To Exit Dialogue from Stalemate

The conflict between Israel and Palestinians has been for so many years one of the hottest topics in our world. From the 1950’s to the 1980’s, instead of the issue being treated as a question of Palestinian self-determination, it was masqueraded as an issue which only concerns to the Arab world. And the Cold War also played its part in further complicating the matter. Even after the end of the Cold War and ever since the 90’s up to now, all those initiatives and dialogues that took place between those warring entities have failed to bear fruit and thereby have became a cause of further hurdles and impediments for the process. Resolution by those peace initiatives that have taken place in Oslo, Madrid, Annapolis and the like have been found to be very unrealistic and a far cry from the actual events.
To date, those issues haven’t been handled in a way that realizes the common objectives of the conflicting entities. In fact, the issue to date hasn’t found an upright mediator with no hidden intentions whatsoever. All those resolutions filled with lofty goals and directionless road maps for peace have brought about an intensification of the conflict. And the suffering of both populations has heightened as a result of this seemingly nonstop turn of events.
The Middle East peace process has therefore started resembling a zero-sum game. All those dialogues that have taken place to date have failed to pay off. Therefore, it is actually perplexing to witness similar old rag public relations stunts take place.

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