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Government issues Water Proclamation

The Government issued the “Eritrean Water Proclamation” No. 162/2010.

Asmara, 14 September 2010 – The Government issued the “Eritrean Water Proclamation” No. 162/2010.

The Proclamation noted that water is a basic necessity for life and strategic resource for economic development, and that there is scarcity of water in Eritrea both in quantitative and qualitative terms, whereas the national demand has been continually growing.

It went on to indicate that the establishment of competent institutions and comprehensive regulatory framework, as well as integrated planning and coordinated development strategy and practice, coupled with conscious public participation constitute critical requirements for the effective and sustainable management, as well as conservation and utilization of water resource at all levels.

The Proclamation comprises 7 Chapters and 35 Articles on various topics, including ownership and management of water resource, water resource planning, environment impact assessment, pollution prevention and abatement and water quality control, in addition to issuing Legal Notice No. 117/2010 on regulations for the issuance of permit for the importation or exportation of Ozone depleting substances (ODS) and equipments or products based on ozone depleting substances based.

The Proclamation further pointed out that all water resources in the country are the common property of the people of Eritrea and the State shall regulate them to ensure their management in a balanced and sustainable manner.

The Eritrean Water Proclamation No. 162/2010 has been prepared in the Tigrinya, English and Arabic languages, and has been published for the public in the Gazette of Eritrean Laws.


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