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The Twofold Message of The Zagre Awards

The Government of Eritrea has made educational excellence as the primary forefront of its vision in its bid for strategic development and is exerting tremendous efforts to build an educated, capable and committed human capital by establishing many schools in all parts of the country. As it is, the Zagre Award and the increasing number of its laureates stand witness to the success of this endeavor. The main message communicated by the Zagre awards is therefore the Eritrean government has done its part in underscoring the importance of education and what remains is the effort of teachers and students.
And the enormous leap that has been registered in this endeavor also communicates another message; a message of perseverance.

The Eritrean people have ensured the endurance of their developmental endeavors in the face of mounting threats and ploys that target their progress. Hence, this is an accomplishment that has been begotten in the face of such threats to us. It is a victory in the face of the ploys that target our youth and seek to cause a brain drain.

As it is, the Zagre message conveys another clear message to our enemies. The Eritrean youth are vital assets for their country’s development, and to reverse such course of development is something unthinkable.

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