Business is booming.

Our reward is the produce of our toil

Ensuring food security is on of our developmental strategy. We are currently collaborating and working along this line to revive our food production capacity which has been incapacitated due to prolonged famines, draughts and wars in a concerted manner.
It is natural that anyone who works hard to be rewarded eventually. Even though we are still in the phase in which we are laying the foundational groundwork for progress, but there are certain indicators with tangible results showing that we’re headed in the right direction. The ultimate summation of the concerted effort of the Eritrean government, people and the Front in the agricultural sector and good summer rains of this year will improve this year’s agricultural yield. But nonetheless, it is still a work unfinished.

As it has been explained in the previous meeting of regional administrators, it is imperative that all the needed work is accomplished in time. We must strive to perform every task at its right time, we must watch out for pests like locusts, harvest the crops at the right time, and gather enough animal fodder and bank good quality seeds to be used in the future.

We should also take heed and be careful about our consumption. We must take care of our production and we should consume it wisely. Because ensuring food security is not only guaranteeing a year’s supply of food, but also developing a wise way of consuming resources and in that way improving the holding capacity of food that will serve us for years to come. Also, our yield should save us from importing food from the outside using a valuable foreign currency as a failure to improve on the production capacity of a given nation will surely impact the economic activities of the nation.

The task to ensure food security shouldn’t be delimited to the summer and fall seasons. We should also carry out agricultural activities in the other seasons using other means, such us irrigated farming. Through our toil, the water reservoirs, river ways, dams and that we have built to date have stored enough water to let us carry out such a task. They have also opened a door for us to let us improve and increase our agricultural methods. And hence, we should strive to wisely utilize the water that is being held by those reservoirs. And our reward from this endeavor shall be much.

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