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Ministerial Cabinet Meeting conducts deliberations on various sectors

The meeting of the Eritrean Cabinet of Ministers which opened yesterday at the Denden Hall here in the capital continued its deliberations on various sectors today.

Asmara, 5 October 2010 – The meeting of the Eritrean Cabinet of Ministers which opened yesterday at the Denden Hall here in the capital continued its deliberations on various sectors today.

It is to be noted that in its yesterday’s session,  the meeting heard briefings by President Isaias Afwerki focusing on the envisaged overall national development program for 2011, as well as political and diplomatic strategy vis-à-vis regional and international situation and its all-round impact. On the basis of the working paper presented by the President, the meeting charted political and development strategy that took into account developments.

Proceeding to the second agenda, the meeting assessed the implementation of development programs sector by sector over the past nine months, and conducted extensive discussion on the action programs for 2011.

Regarding health services,  it took note of the endeavors being made to ensure the necessary provision of medical equipments, drugs and facilities, expand better health service in all parts of the country, combat communicable diseases, promote mother and child care, as well as enhance environmental sanitation, among others. Moreover, the meeting assessed the progress made in efforts to expand pharmaceutical and ocular lenses  plants, in addition to training increased number of health personnel. It also conducted discussion on the future handling of private and governmental health services.

On the domain of social security, the Ministerial Cabinet meeting reviewed the tasks being undertaken to support families of fallen heroes, disabled nationals and needy compatriots. It reached understanding that the main objective of programs in this sphere should focus on enabling all nationals eventually become self-supporting. To this end, it stressed the need for pursuing a strategy that creates conducive ground for needy nationals to generate means of income, and thus become productive and avoid dependence.  The meeting further held deliberations on the prevailing labor situation, as well as current and future employment prospects.

It went on to review on the accomplishments registered as regards ensuring justice and expansion of institutions in the administration of justice. Besides, the meeting took note of the work programs aimed at strengthening community magistrates, streamlining civil and criminal laws, creating ways and means of corresponding institutional, administrative and commercial laws and directives to national laws, as well as building human capacity, among others.

On media works, the Ministerial Cabinet meeting took note of the accomplishments so far registered in developing infrastructure and technical capacity of media outlets, in addition to the introduction of modern technology and  work plans for 2011. The meeting closely assessed the vital contribution of the media in strengthening political and national awareness and unity, reinforcing development and educational programs, as well as all-round societal progress. It further reached understanding on the need to enhance endeavors towards developing the mass media taking into account the significance of information and information technology in the contemporary epoch.

Regarding efforts made to ensure the provision of efficient public transport service both in urban and rural areas,  the meeting conducted in-depth discussion on the envisaged action programs aimed at bringing about basic change in land transport, besides harnessing the relative advantage the nation has in air and marine transport. It also assessed the activities carried out in the expansion and upgrading of fixed and mobile phone service, strengthening internet service and the putting in place of technological facilities to this end. The meeting also agreed on the need to look for ways and means of enabling the youth avail themselves of better access to internet service.

On trade and industrial ventures, the Ministerial Cabinet held extensive discussion on the work programs that need to be implemented as regards expanding trade exchange with neighboring and other countries, developing industrial production and creating favorable atmosphere for investment through tackling current bottlenecks.

Furthermore, the meeting held discussion on the endeavors made to develop domestic and international tourism, as well as work programs to this end vis-à-vis the overall national development strategy.

In the sphere of land, water and environment, the Ministerial Cabinet meeting reviewed the activities undertaken towards effective utilization of land allotted for agricultural and other purposes, besides exchanging views on the future handling of reserve land. Taking note of the implementation of potable water supply projects in both rural and urban areas, as well as efforts to promote sound ecology, it reached understanding on the need to reinforce ongoing endeavors towards ensuring judicious utilization of potable water supply, effective use of land resource and enhance environmental protection.

In its deliberations regarding the energy and mining sector, the meeting assessed the progress made in mining exploration and development of mineral resources, as well as expanding the provision of electricity service and renewable energy sources. In this connection, it conducted discussion on the envisaged work plan towards developing human  and institutional resource in this sector.

The Ministerial Cabinet meeting went on to assess the work performance in the construction of strategic roads, bridges, water reservoirs, water diversion schemes and irrigation farming infrastructure facilities. It further exchanged views on the action plan for 2011 regarding the putting in place of new infrastructure and renovating the existing ones. The meeting held deliberations on future work program focusing on drafting activities in urban and semi-urban centers, as well as quality control mechanisms.

In the domain of marine resources development, the Cabinet of Ministers reviewed the progress made in developing traditional and industrial fishing methods, besides enhancing investment partnership with foreign establishments on top of upgrading internal capacity. Moreover, it closely scrutinized the activities underway to improve fishing infrastructure,  management and control of marine resource, in addition to exchanging views on future work programs in this sphere. 

Proceeding to the agriculture sector, the meeting assessed the wide-ranging activities undertaken to boost agricultural production and the impetus such endeavors provided to further strengthen work potentials.  In this respect, it held deliberations on the steps that need to be taken towards upgrading research and study undertakings, as well as the introduction of modern technology so as to promote the development of the sector.

In connection with the activities of the Ministry of National Development, the meeting took note of the encouraging tasks accomplished as regards national research studies towards ensuring social justice, boosting national capacity, raising productivity, promoting equitable distribution and utilization of opportunities, defining development plans, strengthening institutional capacity, developing  production establishments, building human capacity and the like.
Furthermore, the Ministerial Cabinet meeting held deliberations on the activities of financial institutions, including budgetary management, customs duty, tax and tariff collection and the like. In this regard, it conducted discussion on the envisaged strategic plan to promote efficiency in the financial sector, as well as fostering international cooperation that guarantee national interest and equitable partnership. The meeting also approved future action program of the financial sector.

The Ministerial Cabinet meeting concluded its two-day session adopting significant resolutions and work directives.


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