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A Season Demanding Rigorous Effort

These days are high times for farmers and government and public institutions engaged in ensuring food security. However, as metrological data indicates, there are still possibilities  of rainfall. Hence, proper care and heed must be taken to gather ripe crops before they are spoiled with rain and actively engage and perform each agricultural task at the right time. On top of this, given that there are tangible threats for our crops coming from birds, locusts and other pests, it is imperative that we maintain a constant vigil and quickly report any such occurrence.

After ensuring that the crops are harvested, then comes the task of wise conservation and utilization of the harvest. Unless one manages to use the harvested crops as a substitute for the crops being imported, it will not have any effect over the economic growth of the given nation. As it is, the harvest collected with our hard work and toil should save us from importing crops from the outside through a proper and wise use. In such a way, we could reduce our foreign currency expenditure on importing food crops and divert the resources unto other schemes that will allow us accelerate our strides unto progress. Another significant task commonly associated with this endeavor is acquiring and ensuring the constant supply of animal feed. Hence, all grasses, canes and fibers should be stored to be used as animal feed and be wisely applied towards this effort.

In today’s world, ensuring food security is something that transcends far beyond stockpiling food that’s expected to last you for a year. If a nation is to rightly claim that it has achieved food security, it must first store food supply that will sustain it for years to come. And such a milestone task is not something that could be achieved by conducting agricultural activities only during the rainy season. Hence, during the other seasons as well, crops that further support our bid to ensure food security must be grown through the use of irrigational farming and other techniques. As many dams and water reservoirs have been constructed throughout the country, we need to properly utilize the water stored in those infrastructures and create a situation in which we could conduct farming activities throughout the year.

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