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Famine, Starvation, Food Aid and Peoples’ Suffering As a Business

Claiming that the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has stated that famine and starvation is mounting at the global level and that it is worsening,  lie-disseminating networks  posted such a claim which media outlets subsequently reported as it is.

The issue calls for in-depth and serious handling, as well as rectification; and hence a number of facts need to be clearly spelt out at this juncture.

What is not surprising, however, is that in line with their habit of uttering nonsense, the same quarters have tried to place Eritrea among the ranks of those countries hard-hit by famine.

Although Eritrea has not yet achieved a lasting food security, it has been ages since it freed itself from the ‘club’ of food aid seekers.

No food aid has been channeled to Eritrea over the past couple of years by FAO or through its sponsorship.  Even in the year 2009 when food shortage occurred due to natural causes, there was no handout of ‘pane’ to the nation. At a time when Eritrea is reaping bumper harvest in 2010 and has succeeded in ensuring reliable food supply for 2011, trying to list it in the category of those countries worst-hit by famine in 2010, one can but only say: “Shame to its authors and mouthpieces.”

Ministry of Information
16 October 2010


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