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Culture; guarantor for solid foundation of development

Culture one very significant value which serves as a column of identity and existence for its respective society containing numerous heritages and legacies that are developed as time progresses is very important resource which has a major say within the overall situation within a society. Our long history attests to the fact that culture plays a significant role nurturing nationalism and greatly assists in the nation-building process. It also has a major role in promoting a common understanding and vision, thereby establishing a strong national unity and a common outlook more than any of our national assets. The people of Eritrea, has never gave way to the cultural domination of its colonizers and have always kept their cultural heritages, values and languages. They are ever proud of their identity. It is this value that has enabled them to triumph against all odds. During the armed struggle for independence, Eritreans chose the best values and have highlighted their united identity. Thanks to this endeavor, Eritrea has become sovereign.

In this time of Globalization, entities that have a monopoly of information technologies, understanding the impact of information, try to impose their domination through ways of cultural invasions. They are in fact attempting to extend their influence through a sophisticated manner and are disseminating a cultural contamination. And hence, for nations in the process of development, the only challenge is not ensuring economic emancipation, but rather preserving one’s identity and culture and actively engaging in everyday happenings of the world in that order.

Because, even an economic developed nation which has failed to preserve its culture and identity is in dire strait.Hence, the Eritrean generation which is participating in this challenging endeavor has got the responsibility to preserve its values which are founded upon culturally pluralist notion that has been fostered during the struggle for independence. The generation has also got the responsibility to repel contaminating foreign cultures while at the same time adopt values that are of use to us. As it is, the endeavor to preserve cultures and values should be prioritized just like political and economic endeavors.

In this perspective, the Eritrean Musicians Association is preparing to convene a national conference this week. And it should serve as a platform for the entities and artists that are responsible for preserving our culture, as a platform of assessment, development and future plans in their important endeavor.

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