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Wikileaks; A Leakage That Dis-plays The World’s Call For Justice

It has been all over the news that, recently, posted 400,000 secret military documents and war diaries of the American military in Afghanistan.These secret documents reveal many harrowing details of atrocities that include mass murder and acts of ethnic cleansing committed by the American military against civilian targets. This highlights a fraction of the overall inhuman atrocities being committed elsewhere in the world. It is also to be recalled that Wikileaks have also made public secret documents exposing the atrocities against the inmates of Abu-Ghraib and the Guantanamo.The leakage of such secret documents is a display of the sizzling worldwide opposition including by the American people against Amer-ican hegemony and a standing the atrocities being committed. And it conveys a message that clearly summons justice, and loudly calls enough.

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