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Prioritizing The Marginalized, Groundwork for Equitable Development

Progress is said to be just when it is evenly distributed throughout all classes and sections within a given society. The fact that Eritrea’s development is equally distributed throughout attests to the upright and just development policy of the government. This, compared with the policies of many other nations has got many evident positive features, because in many other nations we see the means of production controlled by a few whilst the majority are downtrodden, and larger sections of those nations is devoid of any sort of progress. It is not the desire and wish of the Eritrean government to establish such circumstances.

The people of Eritrea engaged in a long and bitter struggle not out of the aspiration to create a nation in which only a few would enjoy while the majority are marginalized, but because people wanted to have a nation in which everyone, present and future generations could improve their livelihood. Speaking on this issue, the President of the State of Eritrea, Isaias Afwerki has once said that the policies of the Eritrean government prioritize developing the previously marginalized sections of society by ensuring equal opportunities for everyone, thereby building a politically stable, united and economically developed nation; as this is a principle for which we have paid heavy sacrifice.
Emanating from such a desire, the development strategy of the Eritrean government is guided by the principles of social justice through developing the rural areas, as well as prioritizes previously marginalized sections with a view to laying the groundwork for a just nation. and the result registered so far in this regard attests to that fact. The Eritrean culture of self-reliance is performing feats. The measure of Eritrean economic advancement is therefore, is not by the count of skyscrapers but rather by the developmental feats in rural areas, the laying of infrastructures, agricultural and industrial progress and the provision of social services. Accordingly, the yardstick of an upright economic growth is ensuring a just political system and equal opportunities in all regard.

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